women’s golf apparel unleashing the woman in you

Golf is more than just a game for most women. Since it is a sport that has been originated by men, it is quite a challenge for most women to maintain that “womanly” look despite the fact that it’s a man’s game. Well, in order to play the game, you would need that “golf” look but gone were the days wherein a woman has to wear anything that has black, white or beige in it just to play golf since women of today knows how to put fashion in the world of golf. These days, there are loads of women’s golf apparel to choose from.
First, you need to remember that comfort must go first. Your golf clothes must allow you to move faster, easily and anything that is not too tight is definitely a good choice. Since you will be playing under the heat of the scorching sun, then you should be able to have fabrics that could breathe easily or something that would feel good against your skin.
Some common women’s golf apparels brands are the following: EP Pro, Callaway, Liz Golf, Lady’s First, Sport Haley and Bette and Court. These are just some of the many brands that are in the market today.
Second, you need to understand the fact that not all apparel is being allowed on the course. In most cases, some courses have strict dress codes and it will even reach the point wherein the player would be asked to leave if proper decorum is not followed. A player must have a collared-shirt but that doesn’t mean it would not be feminine and stylish. If the plains bore you then you could go for hot and striking colors like orange or hot pink. If you want some print on it, you try to have stripes, paisley prints and other designs that might suit your preference.
Now, if we’re going to talk about shorts, it should be shorter than the knees although there are some that make exceptions. But then, in some strict and prestigious courses, you will be notified that only certain colors are allowed otherwise you will be disqualified to join the game. Main reason for this is that they don’t want other players to get distracted with the kind of clothes or the color in it, you’re wearing.
Lastly, don’t forget to put on some accessories. Put on visors, socks, shoes and belts. It helps you achieve that “golfer” look in you. Others would also have to put on a color-coordinated head covers, towels and other gear.

If you want to find the latest fashion on women’s golf apparel, the Internet is a great start for your research. Though golf has been more of a man’s sport, women are no less than any man when it comes to playing the game. Unleash the women in you with women’s golf apparel today!